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DIY CONAN Production Guide

Are you ready to DIY CONAN? We know you’re eager to get started, but before you do, please take a moment to read through our production guidelines to make sure your submission is up to snuff.

The following guidelines must be followed to be considered for inclusion in the DIY CONAN episode.

1. You must comply with all current state/local/county COVID-19 orders and/or guidelines if shooting a live action re-enactment.

2. Film In Landscape Orientation. If you are shooting a live action re-enactment, use whatever phone or camera is available to you, just make sure you shoot landscape.

3. Don’t Use Third Party Materials. Your videos should NOT contain:
  • Items with company logos or graphics on them — including clothing.
  • Photos or artwork in the background.
  • Music or sound effects that are not already in the clip you're recreating.
  • Other video you didn't create yourself. If there's a TV in the room, turn it off.
  • Elements from other TV shows or movies (Darth Vader helmets, Baby Yoda plush dolls, etc.)

The following guidelines are suggested, but are not required.

1. Audio. If you have access to a microphone or external audio recorder, use it! If not, please do your best to keep background noise to a minimum, ensure no music is playing, and make sure everyone in your video speaks clearly and loudly! Also, the closest possible proximity to the microphone will generally give you the highest quality of sound recording.

2. Lights. We don’t expect you to have professional lighting, but please keep things as bright as possible. Shooting at night? Consider using an extra lamp or two. Shooting during the day? Avoid being backlit by bright windows or the sun. To bring your production game up a notch try to get creative using a ring light or defusing your light source with a bedsheet for a softer and more even look.

3. Costumes. Costumes aren’t required, but are strongly encouraged if you're shooting a live action recreation! Being able to tell who’s who in your recreation will help us fit your clip into the overall episode.

4. Video quality. If you are able to change the video quality or resolution of your video please choose the maximum quality that your device will capture in. If you are editing your video you can ensure the highest upload quality by following the YouTube video and audio specifications.

5. Tripod. Utilizing a tripod, gimbal, or any other method of stabilizing your recording will improve your production value substantially and help your chances for appearing on the episode.

Any other questions? Check out the main DIY CONAN page or the DIY CONAN rules.