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The Top Five "Special Man" Commercial Fan Parodies

It's no secret that we here at are completely addicted to this local "Special Man" commercial from New Orleans. To help us combat our addiction, we asked you to come up with parodies this instant classic of an ad - and you didn't disappoint! We got a TON of amazing entries, but here are our top 5 - and the folks who will be getting something sweet from us. Ready? LET'S DO THIS:

#5 - The Horror of... The SPECIAL MAN:

#4 - "The Special Man" Puppet Parody:

#3 - Babies & Dogs Are Special, Too:

#2 - Thaddeus The Thespian Coaches The Special Man:

And the NUMBER ONE parody video - our very favorite - is this little slice of Special Man Madness:

HOLY CRAP. So creepy and haunting... Duncebot has managed to make something EVEN MORE ADDICTING THAN THE ORIGINAL. Thanks, buddy - it's not like I ever wanted to sleep ever again anyway. *Shiver*

Congratulations to our winners - be on the lookout for an email asking for your info, etc etc so we can send you your prizes - and a big THANK YOU to everyone for entering!! You guys all did a fantastic job... And it warms my heart to see The Special Man love spread around. ;)

You can see the rest of The Special Man commercial parodies right here. Thanks again, and have a great weekend - we're back with ALL NEW SHOWS next week! Peace!