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Get Tickets To Screen #ConanItaly With Conan & Jordan

Before #ConanItaly airs on Wednesday, April 11th, Conan and Jordan Schlansky are sitting down with 200 of their biggest fans to screen the episode in its entirety. Fans will join Conan and Jordan on Stage 15 in Burbank on Wednesday, March 28th, for refreshments, exclusive swag, and a Q&A with Conan following the screening. Care to join in on the festivities? Here’s how to score tickets*:

  1. Rewatch part one and part two of Conan and Jordan's Instagram Stories from Italy. Then, prove your bona fides by answering all the questions correctly on the quiz below to receive a special code.
  2. Email to enter the free ticket giveaway for the 3/28/18 screening. Be sure to enter the SECRET CODE in the subject line and please include your full name and amount of tickets needed (up to 4) in the email.
  3. If you're selected, you'll be contacted via email by 5pm PT on Tuesday, March 20.

  4. *Please note, this special screening is in Burbank, CA.You must check-in by 6:30PM and the screening will last until 9:00PM. This offer is for free tickets only. You are responsible for your own travel and lodging.