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Mark Week Continues With Mark Facts!

Mark Week Facts!

Discovery Channel might have Shark Week, but we've got MARK WEEK - a week devoted to the trumpet player of The Basic Cable Band, Mark Pender! Here are some "Mark Facts" that you might not have been aware of:
  • Marks typically travel in groups of Marks or “Pender Pods.”
  • A Mark can smell a BBQ from 2 miles away. (He's from Kansas City)
  • You are 1,000 times more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to to be bitten by a Mark.
  • Mark attacks, although rare, typically occur when Marks are hungry - aka right before rehearsal. *GULP*
  • Marks are often hunted for their teeth and their incredible trumpet playing lungs.
  • A “Blue Mark” does not refer to the color of a Mark, just his emotional state. :(
  • Mark’s glasses serve both to improve eyesight and protect from disgusting talk show host spittle.
  • Marks are hairless. EVERYWHERE.
  • Marks really hate raw tomatoes (that's the one actual fact that Mark Pender told us about himself when we asked him about this bit)
  • “Jumping The Mark” is not a thing. Stop trying to jump over Mark.
  • Mark’s mating call is a sustained C sharp.
  • Marks do NOT have two penises - that's an urban legend. No matter what he tells you. ;)