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Meet The CONAN Epic Holiday Set Decorator

Kenny Irwin Jr. poses with one of his holiday decorations!When you look at our set, what catches your eye most?  Godzilla holding a candy cane?  A giant gorilla with nipple rings clutching Santa in a sleigh over his head? Perhaps it's the 10 foot high chicken sandwich?  Or the giant light up Christmas UFO flying over our backdrop?  THERE'S JUST SO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM. And that's because of one man: Our holiday set decoration expert, Kenny Irwin Jr. 

Conan wanted something different this year. It's a new year, a new show, and he wanted a brand new kind of holiday set decorations - and Kenny delivered!  But who is Kenny, exactly?  Where did this mad holiday scientist come from?  What does he spend his time doing?  What's his fascination with melting stuff in microwaves?  NO ONE KNOWS.  However, you can try to decipher Kenny's genius over at his website,  Prepare yourself.  It is odd. I just watched part of a video where he's like rummaging around in a bunch of microwavey melted stuff with a sledgehammer and I'm a little weirded out, to be honest... But then again, I'M NOT AN ARTIST, AM I?  (I'm a sandwich artist - it's a whole different thing).

At any rate, a big thank you to Mr. Kenny Irwin, Jr. for giving everyone here at the show and our audience at home a very special holiday treat that we'll not soon forget!  Happy holidays, dudebro!  Remember to wear your lead sheeting... You don't want to fry those pancreas.  I don't know what they do, but they sound important.