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New Uses For Our Stairs 01/31/11

Conan finally uses the part of the set next to the band that has a fancy staircase. It only took like three months! The Conan set is so fricking awesome and gorgeous. The designers really outdid themselves when they dreamed up this place that we call “our stage.” But we at Conan have simple minds, and there are some enigmas in the set that we have yet to crack, such as the mystery of the STAIRS BY THE BAND?!?! What? I bet you never even realized it but those stairs are almost completely useless! We’ve never used them... until now! And Conan thought of three awesome ways to use the stairs: sending the show’s 7-year-old the bed, a beautiful backdrop for a Korean wedding photo shoot, and as the perilous setting for a swash-bucking sword fight! I think that the stairs part of the set has officially seen the most action out of any part of the set now. What a christening! What else could we use the stairs for? Maybe a MAJOR SLINKY DEMONSTRATION!?!?! Yessssss.