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NYC Here We Come!

That's right, CONAN is hitting the road this Fall, and coming to YOUR TOWN! Okay, your town... If you happen to live in New York City. Still though - for all you awesome folks who've missed us since we've left the East Coast, rejoice! We'll be doing shows from October 31st to November 3rd from The Beacon Theater in New York (where we had our 10th Anniversary Show for Late Night, for those of you keeping track). Stay tuned right here for ticket information that we'll be announcing later this Summer! ROCK.

(If you're in the Midwest, you should know that we'll also be coming to Chicago in 2012! That might seem a long ways away, but we wanted to give you guys in the Windy City time to build that huge "CONAN" stadium and Olympic Sized swimming pool that we'll need. Thanks in advance.)

New Yorkers: Any ideas on what we should hit up while we're in town? It's been so long since we were back! Is Chinatown still there?!