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Photoshop Contest: Help Celebrate "Shaq Week"

{% image(shaq-week-fixed-5021c805b74e5.jpg, articles) %} <br> "<a href=""target="_Top">Shaq Week</a>" is like the Discovery Channel's "Shark Week," only instead of man-eating fish shows for seven days, it's nothing but SHAQ! For a WEEK! We want you to use your Photoshop skillz to commemorate "Shaq Week." This photoshop contest has no rules, much like the post-apocalypse. <s>So here's how you can enter: <br><br> <ol> <li value="1">Click <a href=""target="_Top">here</a> or <a href=""target="_Top">here</a> to download photos of Shaq.<br> <li value="2">Make gorgeous Photoshop art.<br> <li value="3">Once you've completed your "Shaq Week" masterpiece, <a href="" target="_blank">"Like" Team Coco on Facebook</a> and post your submission on our wall.<br><br> We'll pick our favorites and then post them here at the end of the week. Those who win the contest will win the satisfaction that comes with creative self-expression. Also: your work will be featured on Team Coco and you'll be immortalized forever. Who could ask for anything more?</s> <br><br> The "Shaq Week" Photoshop Contest is now complete! Head over <a href="">HERE</a> to check out our favorites.