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Rehearsal Scraps: Poseidon Sings a Tune!

<p>One of my favorite parts of my job is the fact that I get to share stuff with you guys that most people don't get to see. Since we started our new show, I've been itching to bring back something I know that you all know and love - VIDEOS FROM REHEARSAL!  We're now calling them "CONAN Scraps" - and we'll be rolling them out every Monday and Wednesday while we're off the air!  So prepare yourself to step behind the curtain... And into the wacky, weird world of CONAN REHEARSAL!</p><p>Pretty sweet, no?  Prepare yourself for more juicy delicious Scraps on Wednesday, yo!  And stay tuned for more CONAN goodies later today!</p><p>Raise your hand if you're glad that rehearsal vids are back.  Come on, sweet tea - don't be shy!  ;)</p>