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Protestors Get Really, Really Personal With Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel

{% image(1rahm_header-5052620baf78b-50ac219e670ee.jpg, articles) %} <br> <br> A protestor in Chicago got <a href="" target="_Top">personal</a> in a fight against City Hall and the Mayor by scrawling "Rahm Emanuel Likes Nickelback" on a protest sign. But the slanderous accusations aren't stopping there: check out these protests signs meant to embarrass the embattled Mayor. [Photo: <a href="" target="_Top">Daniel Strauss</a>] <br> <br> {% image(2rahm_1-505261653e6d2-50ac21b5138fc.jpg, articles) %} <br> {% image(3rahm_2-5052617e523d3-50ac21d20db63.jpg, articles) %} <br> {% image(4rahm_3-505261998d146-50ac21ee2754c.jpg, articles) %} <br> {% image(5rahm_4-505261b20b160-50ac221382cf0.jpg, articles) %} <br> {% image(6rahm_5-505261c4e1810-50ac222722ed4.jpg, articles) %} <br> {% image(7rahm_6-505261d678888-50ac223c1a9ea.jpg, articles) %}