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Team Coco Heads To The Superbowl!

Team Coco is headed off to the Super Bowl for a top-secret mission with the hilarious star of the Fuse show "Billy On The Street", Billy Eichner - and we want you to come along! Unfortunately, tickets to Indy are a bit expensive, and overhead space on the plane is at a premium -- but have no fear! Team Coco Correspondent Bley will be tagging along and filling you in on all the Team Coco adventures as they happen. Tweets, Vlogs, Pics, Foursquare Check-ins - it'll be like you're right there with Team Coco at the Superbowl, only you won't have to deal with large sweaty crowds, overpriced street hotdogs, or that big dude in the jersey who smells like the inside of a running shoe. Huzzah!

To get the full Team Coco experience, make sure to do the following:
1.) Follow us on Twitter! (if you're not already)
2.) Follow us on Foursquare! (if you're not already)
3.) Keep an eye on all our vlogs, pics, and more at!

Also, if you're in Indianapolis, hunt down Bley (the silver-haired guy), to score some Team Coco stickers! Everyone's a winner at The Super Bowl... except for the losing team, of course. So... yeah. Awkward.

SEE YOU AT THE SUPERBOWL! Go Patriots or Giants!