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The Terrible 20: Blues Song Titles

{% image(terrible20_bluesgraphic-4fd903199eca4.jpg, articles) %}<br> This week Team Coco is in beautiful Chicago, Illinois - birthplace of Chicago Blues music. Let’s face it, blues songs have the greatest titles. “Smokestack Lighting”, “Catfish Blues” and “Hoochie Coochie Man” are just a few of the many blues songs scribed right here in the Windy City. Unfortunately, not everyone who plays the blues can be a legend, and not every blues song belongs in a jukebox. <br><br> Last night on CONAN, Jimmy Vivino and Conan <a href=""target"_Top">played some terrible blues songs with children</a>, including the instant anti-classic "(Don't Give Me No) Edamame." Below are 5 more terrible blues songs; <strike>we want you to come up with 15 more. Leave your blues song titles in the comments below or tweet them @TeamCoco with #TerribleBlues. We’ll pick the 15 worst, and post the complete list tomorrow.</strike> <br><br> <b>UPDATE: The list is now complete! Thanks to everyone who took part!</b> <br><br> <b><u>The Terrible 20: Blues Song Titles</b></u><br><br> <ol> <li value="20">"Alcoholism And Depression Hotel" <br><br> <li value="19">"My Baby Left Me For A Guy With A Mullet" <br><br> <li value="18">"Black Magic Walrus" <br><br> <li value="17">"Give Me Back My February Issue of 'Cat Fancy' Magazine Please, Blues"<br><br> <li value="16">"I Got Gastrointestinal Discomfort Troubles" <br><br> <li value="15">“Born Under a Jersey Overpass” – <a href="" target="_blank">Riley Grothe</a><br><br> <li value="14">“I’ve Misplaced My Back Scratcher” - <a href="!/AskMikeHopkins" target="_blank">@AskMikeHopkins</a><br><br> <li value="13">“No One Lets Me Ride Shotgun Blues” - <a href="" target="_blank">Celia Stahr</a> <br><br> <li value="12">"The View’ Is on While I’m on the Elliptical Blues” - <a href="" target="_blank">Robert Shane Will</a> <br><br> <li value="11">“Ain’t No Salt on My Fries” – JR Lyles (Google +)<br><br> <li value="10">“I Only Got Me 140 Characters” - <a href="" target="_blank">Andrew Appel </a><br><br> <li value="9">“Unidentified Rash Boogie” - <a href="" target="_blank">Eric Monson</a><br><br> <li value="8">“Accidentally Bought Lean Pockets Blues” - <a href="" target="_blank">Bradford Mills</a><br><br> <li value="7">“Ain’t Nobody That Can Break This Hundred” - <a href="" target="_blank">Jonathan Kuhn</a><br><br> <li value="6">“Ain’t Got No Battery Left” - <a href="" target="_blank">Sara Catlin</a><br><br> <li value="5">"My Old Lady Is Actually Quite Nice To Me” - <a href="" target="_blank">Bruno Basile</a><br><br> <li value="4">“Undescended Testicle Boogie” - <a href="!/hellaholla" target="_blank">@hellaholla</a><br><br> <li value="3">“Let’s All Get Drunk for Christmas and Slap Each Other Out” - <a href="" target="_blank">Daniel Fraser</a><br><br> <li value="2">“I Got Sick on Your Rug Blues” – <a href="" target="_blank">Paul Marina</a> <br><br> <li value="1">“One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Bath Salts” - <a href="!/BoyceCourtney" target="_blank">@BoyceCourtney</a></ol>