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The Terrible 20: Facebook Buttons

Facebook is testing a new feature that brings "collect" and "want" buttons to the existing "like" and "share" button party. Apparently, the new buttons will let you to purchase stuff while cyber-stalking newly single coworkers. If these buttons are successful, you can bet Facebook will be unleashing more.

We need your help identifying 20 Facebook buttons so awful, no one would dare click them. Leave your terrible Facebook button suggestions in the comments section or tweet them @TeamCoco with the hashtag #TerribleFacebookButtons. We'll pick the absolute worst and post them right here tomorrow. Like!

[UPDATE: The Terrible 20: Facebook Buttons is now closed. Thanks to everyone who played along!]
  1. "Extra Cheese"
  2. "Shazam"
  3. "Exterminate"
  4. "Barf"
  5. "Pr-r-recious"
  6. *you'reJessie Leibham
  7. MehMo Love
  8. Make it soTim Anderson
  9. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurn@dianalsantiago
  10. Subpeona@dmsjr_writer
  11. Malarkey!Anna Sookhoor
  12. ROADHOUSE!!Melissa Randall
  13. StalkJennifer Coppick Herrera
  14. FriendzoneTerry Jenkins
  15. Moisten@chrisPcrittter
  16. Bitch, pleaseTerry Krymkowski Donia
  17. TL;DR@andreagoth
  18. An awkward silence button. It would look like this " … "Jason Pojar
  19. BAMF!@MagTrafficLight
  20. DefenstrateBetsy Nelsen