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The Terrible 20: Stupid Government Programs

Terrible 20: Wasteful Government Programs

America is in serious economic trouble: We narrowly missed defaulting on our debt, S&P downgraded our credit rating, we owe China a bunch of money, and a record 82% of Americans are pissed about it. Well, we've got some more bad news, because Team Coco has found out why our government is so broke: They've been spending all our hard earned tax dollars on some pretty ridiculous programs. Take a look at the ten we've uncovered, and reply with your own in the comments - we'll sort through them and pick our favorite ten to add to the list!

UPDATE: The list is complete!

    The Terrible 20: Stupid Government Programs That Should Be Cut
  1. The “What’s Up With Owls” Fact-Finding Commisson ($6 billion)
  2. Keep The Kardashians On TV Legacy Loan Program ($499 million)
  3. Supplementary Assistance to the NAACP (National Association for the Assembly of Cat People) ($40)
  4. Senate Investigative Sub-Committee on Owning Outer Space ($2 trillion)
  5. Dept Of Defense Exploratory Report: "Why Are Clowns Scary?" ($600)
  6. Tourism Earmark: Construction of Mt. Asbestos Kiddie Park (Helena, Montana) ($54 million)
  7. Federal Funding for the Second "Secret" NASA That Deals With All That Weird Alien S*** Like In Those Will Smith Movies ($78 billion)
  8. Dept Of Defense: Sea Monkey Super Soldier Project ($48 million)
  9. The "Big Ol’ Capital Building" Moat Fund ($62 million)
  10. Jurassic Park Prevention Program To Keep Dinosaurs Extinct ($200 million)
  11. Federal Funding for the "Bring Waldo Home" Search Committee (Number Unknown) – Joy McVey
  12. The Sub-Committee to determine who in congress has the best planking/owling picture. (86 billion) – Rosemarie Carman Clemons
  13. The 50 Stars Program: Preventing North Dakota and South Dakota from settling their differences and becoming one Dakota. ($427 Million) – Nikachu Brueggemann
  14. Federal Subsidies for Truck Nuts Manufacturers ($16 million). – Mitch Garrard
  15. Federal Funding To Ensure That All CD And DVD Packaging Remain Pointlessly Difficult To Open ($79 billion). – Darrell Kannwischer
  16. FCC: Anti-Indecency Measures to Cover Up Liberty Bell's Crack ($179,000). – William J. Hammon
  17. "My first Nuclear Reactor" Kids Program (50 million) – Arvin Sotes
  18. The Search Team Responsible for Finding Carmen Sandiego ($100 million) – Alex Ullman
  19. Congressional Night Out At Dave And Buster’s Fund ($10 million) – Joey Hough
  20. The "Maybe Our Deficit Will Disappear If We Cover Our Eyes" Initiative ($1,407,487,395,186) – Spencer Secoy
... And that's all we've got! Thank you to everyone who submitted and congrats to those who made the cut. Let's do it again soon. Until next time, USA! USA! USA!