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The Terrible 20: Tweets From The Pope

The Pope Tweets

Pope Benedict XVI started tweeting this week as a part of the Vatican's effort to embrace social media. He really hit the ground running with his first tweet and he hasn't looked back since. Our crackerjack team of researchers compiled a list of our 10 favorite tweets from the Pope, but we're looking for 10 more! Leave your pope tweets in the comments below or tweet them to @TeamCoco with the hashtag #PopeTweets. We'll pick our favorites and fill out the list.

[Update: The list is now complete! Thank you to everyone who contributed, we'll do it again soon!]

The Terrible 20: Tweets from the Pope

  1. @KimKardashian x-rayed her butt? @Snooki, you're next! #realitytvfan #ilikebigbutts #icannotlie
  2. Just walked into a bar with a rabbi. Blew the bartender’s mind.
  3. Sometimes when I’m alone in my basilica, I wear sweatpants and dance to big band music.
  4. God has spoken to me. The NFL lockout is a sin.
  5. I just had the perfect pastry. It was an immaculate confection. #LOLLERZ
  6. Watching "The Exorcist", pretending it's "for work."
  7. Accidentally gave myself a dutch oven while driving Popemobile in St. Peter's square. #testingmyfaith
  8. @aplusk – Please, please, please fill me in on the new season of 2.5 men. The Lord refuses to bestow spoilers.
  9. Archbishop Caffarra just gave my red Prada loafer a flat tire. EXCOMMUNICATED, BIATCH!
  10. @DalaiLama - Who's your barber? Ha ha, j/k
  11. Just watched the Latin Grammys. Was not at all what I thought it would be... - Sara Christian Antill
  12. Just agreed to voice Popemobile for Cars 3. Pax vobiscum, Pixar. - Stephen Buell
  13. Just called the Russian ambassador "Butthead" in Latin and he still kissed the ring. I love this job! - @Chippj
  14. No SBux in the Vatican. More like Vatican't! - Will Choy
  15. You guys, the cape IS as much fun as you think. The superhero impressions never get old. #iambatman
  16. No one tell me about last night's episode of "Franklin And Bash", I DVRed it. - Joey Hough
  17. Anyone heard about this "planking" thing? #totallygonnatrythis - Lukasz Kaniowski
  18. How do I post pictures? Need to settle a bet with Anthony Weiner. - Aaron Hardy
  19. Heads up: Offering free absolution for every #FF. Praise God -@DrewBoyTweets
  20. Finally using the fireplace, don't know why everyone's freaking out. - Ben Holt