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The Terrible 20: World's Worst Summer Vacation Destinations

World's Worst Summer Vacation Destinations

It's that time of the year again - unless you live in LA, which means that it's the same time that it always is - SUMMERTIME. That's right, sugarsnap! Everyone is desperately yearning to ditch their crappy lives and head out on the road to soak up some sweet sweet vacation. But NOT SO FAST. We here at Team Coco have come to warn you: Not all vacation spots are alike. There are some vacation destinations out there that you should AVOID AT ALL COSTS, and we've put all the ones WE know into a handy dandy list - and need your help filling out the rest! Leave your suggestions for the worst vacation spots in the world in the comments below or tweet them @TeamCoco with the hastag #BadVacays! We'll pick our faves and post the full list on Thursday! With your help, this year's Summer vacation will be the best yet!

Update: The list is now complete! Sadly, a lot of the terrible vacation destinations you suggested are REAL PLACES. No joke. Thanks to everyone who submitted, we'll do it again soon!

The Terrible 20: World's Worst Vacation Destinations
  1. Grandadland Kissimmee, FL
  2. Dockers® Beige-o-Palooza Adult Contemporary Jamfest Myrtle Beach, SC
  3. World-Famous Clothing-Optional Lizard Safari Lubbock, TX
  4. Detroit, MI
  5. CIA Poison Sumac Weaponization Center Langley, VA
  7. Museum Of Ignorance Los Angeles, CA
  8. Birthplace of Dennis Kucinich Cleveland, OH
  9. Yo’ Semite Jewish Rappers National Monument Boca Raton, FL
  10. Jim Booley’s Tazer Tag Arcade Tuscaloosa, AL
  11. The Hall of famous Halls Pittsburgh, PA. – Zachary DiGennaro
  12. Museum of Unusual Body Hair Portland, OR – Lacie Rae Wallace
  13. Relative Humidity, a singles resort for cousins Biloxi MS. – Kurtis Hamm
  14. U.S. Jazz Fusion reactor Carson City, NV – Kenny Kinds
  15. Outhouse Museum of South Dakota Gregory, SD – Jeremy Rue
  16. National Museum of Funeral History Houston, TX – Laurel Dray Conrad
  17. Wallpaper Museum Akaa, Finland. - Annika Yrjölä
  18. Emo, Ontario Amanda Burdic
  19. Lifesize Scale Model of Ada, Oklahoma Ada, OK - @hellaholla
  20. World’s Largest Ball of Twine Cawker City, KS - @gardenkernoodle