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The Most Unpopularest Internet Meme: Nihilist Pancakes

{% image(header1-5046ab49e91de-50b5417b86f73.jpg, articles) %} [UPDATE: We asked for your anti-viral Nihilist Pancakes... and you delivered, with a side of existential pancakes. Check out your depressingly great creations below.]

The internet is full of popular memes that people love. But these memes aren't those. Help us pollute the web with unpopular combinations of images and words. This week: nothing explains the human condition more than a sentient stack of pancakes with a Nietzschean worldview. Presenting...


{% image(1pancakes_meme_002-504699351375a-50b541a3ac9e3.jpg, articles) %}
{% image(2pancakes_meme_0011-50469948dd294-50b541cf4eeff.jpg, articles) %}
{% image(3pancakes_meme_0021-5046995edbbf8-50b541e03154c.jpg, articles) %}
{% image(4pancakes_meme_maggot-5046aafd451ca-50b541f9d03f7.jpg, articles) %}
{% image(5pancakes_meme_005-5046999847dc0-50b542187ce39.jpg, articles) %}
{% image(6pancakes_meme_004-504699b1c39ba-50b54238533cf.jpg, articles) %}
[Thanks for all the great submissions!]

{% image(7pancake4-5048e6fdda35f-50b5424b69df0.jpeg, articles) %} By: Laugh Factory Chicago

{% image(8pancake6-5048eb0390766-50b5425ab43e0.jpeg, articles) %} By: Sean Tang

{% image(9pancake2-5048dca6d7d32-50b54269f41d8.jpeg, articles) %} By: Dan Banaszak

{% image(10pancake3-5048dd47128ec-50b5427a36f1e.jpeg, articles) %} By: Angie Kern

{% image(11pancake7-5048ebdb8ef91-50b54290580a7.jpeg, articles) %} By: Ranjan The-Dungeon Asrani

{% image(12pancake8-5048ec8bea0f7-50b542a04277e.jpeg, articles) %} By: Patrick Knock

{% image(13pancake5-5048e7d567faa-50b542b10b927.jpeg, articles) %} By: Patrick Ryan O Leary

{% image(14pancake1-5048db0bc08d3-50b542c093276.jpeg, articles) %} By: Christopher Lee Toni

Now it's your turn to help give awkward birth to the most unpopularest internet meme! Here's how:

  1. Click here to download a picture of a stack of pancakes.
  2. Make gorgeous Photoshop art.
  3. Once you've completed your "Nihilist Pancakes", "Like" Team Coco on Facebook and post your unpopularest internet meme on our wall.

Then, tomorrow, we'll post the five memes that best reflect delicious breakfast foods smothered in syrup espousing a philosophy that rejects most of existence!