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Very Impressive Snow-Conan Takes A Parade Around Town

Super awesome fan Buddy Thomas sent us this awesome video documenting the construction of his SNONAN!

We asked you guys to make Snow Conans, and wouldn't you know it, you actually did it! Whoda thunk it? Everyone! Everyone knew this would happen. But could anyone have guessed the Snow Conans would be this good? The answer again is YES! Because we all know that you guys are the best fans around. DUH.

Not only is this Snow Conan one of the most impressively sculpted that we've seen-- the creator of this snowman loaded him up on their truck and paraded the red-headed snow-host around town! Now that is some Team Coco pride. We are very flattered. Well, we were, until you guys MURDERED SNOW CONAN! One left turn and our copper-topped snow-hero was smashed into a million little bits. What a tragedy!

If there's still snow on the ground where you live, feel free to avenge this poor Snow Conan's fate by building your own Snow Conan's and sending them in to our Team Coco Fans Flickr Group! We might just feature yours on our site or on air. Thanks again Buddy! Awesome video!