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WANTED: Your CONAN Dallas Fan Art

{% image(dallasart_jeremie_duval-5317b69f53a80.jpg, articles) %} <small>"The Conan Globetrotter" by <a href=""target="_Top">Jeremie Duval</a></small><br><br> ATTENTION TEAM COCO ARTISTS: <a href="/dallas">CONAN is headed to Dallas</a> for a week of shows leading up to the NCAA Final Four®. And since CONAN fans are the most <a href="/moca/">insanely creative and talented people</a> on earth, we're seeking all-new CONAN fan art with a <b>Texas and/or Basketball theme</b> for use in and around the Majestic Theater and/or within the four Dallas broadcasts. <s>So put on your 10-gallon art-makin' hat, and submit your creations by <b>5pm CST on March 13, 2014</b> for a chance to become part of the #ConanDallas extravaganza. We can't wait to see what you create!</s> <b> [UPDATE: Submissions are now closed. Thanks for all of your fantastic creations!]</b>