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What's So Funny: "Billy on the Street" Season 2 Begins

<i>Team Coco's "What's So Funny" -- your source for breaking news that answers the questions "Is this thing on?", "What's the deal with airports?" and "Anyone here from out of town?"</i> <br><br> <b>"Funny or Die's Billy On The Street" Season 2 Premiere</b><br> Our pal Billy Eichner reaches the terrible twos as the second season of his show, "Funny or Die's Billy On The Street," premieres on December 7 on Fuse. [<a href=" "target="_Top">Funny or Die</a>] <br><br> <b>The Onion Snookers A Chinese Paper</b><br> The Onion playfully declared North Korean dictator Kim Jung-Un the Sexiest Man Alive. Unfortunately, the online version of China's Communist Party newspaper took it at face value. [<a href=" "target="_Top">HuffingtonPost</a>] <br><br> <b>Laughspin's 2012 Readers' Choice Comedy Award </b><br> Laughspin wants you to vote on your comedy favorites, including Favorite Stand-Up, Favorite Comedy, and of course, Favorite Late Night Show. Be sure to cast your ballot for CONAN, and, as always, vote early and vote often! [<a href=""target="_Top">Laughspin</a>] <br><br> <b>Nickelback+Pretentious Instragram Pics = Hilarity</b><br> CollegeHumor realizes that while crappy Instagram photos and Nickleback are terrible, a Nickelback parody song <i>about</i> crappy Instagram photos is great. [<a href=""target="_Top">College Humor</a>] <br><br> <b>Grumpy Cat Visits The Buzzfeed Office</b><br> Everyone's favorite cranky kitty visits the funsters at Buzzfeed. Melancholia follows. [<a href=" "target="_Top">Buzzfeed</a>]