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What's So Funny: Huey Lewis & Weird Al Go Psycho

Team Coco's "What's So Funny" -- your source for breaking news that answers the questions "Is this thing on?", "What's the deal with airports?" and "Anyone here from out of town?"

  • Huey Lewis & Weird Al Discuss The Finer Points of "American Psycho"
    The two '80s musical icons have a discussion about the cult favorite that seems eerily familiar. [Funny Or Die]

  • How Often Does Will Smith Say "Woo! Ha-ha, ha-ha!"?
    Almost as much as he says "Big Will," and "What-what," it seems. [CollegeHumor]

  • Jon Stewart Interviews A Very Prescient George Carlin
    In 1997, a year before Jon moved to "The Daily Show," George very cannily realized that he was going places. [via Huffington Post]

  • Karen Gillan of "Doctor Who" Endorses "z'Ombéal: Hair Care For The Walking Dead."
    "Just because I'm the living dead, doesn't mean I have to put up with lifeless hair." [The Nerdist]

  • Reggie Watts Mashes YouTube Comments Into Original Song
    It's the first episode of Reggie's "One Take" on the "JASH" YouTube channel. [JASH]