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What's So Funny: Vice President Julia Louis-Dreyfus Gets A Second Term

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  • HBO's "Veep" Second Season Trailer
    Featuring the entire rockstar cast in all their feckless bureaucrat, power-grubbing glory. []

  • New "Zero Dark Thirty" Scene
    Kathryn Bigelow's thriller didn't win the "Best Picture" Oscar, but WOULD HAVE if this scene hadn't been cut. []

  • A Barely Edited Conversation With Danny McBride
    The cast and crew of "Eastbound and Down" talk for over an hour about making that fantastically foul-mouthed comedy. []

  • Hilarious Portraits Of Puppets Possessed By Demons
    If you look at photographer Matthew Rolston's portraits of ventriloquist dummies long enough, they'll eat your soul. []

  • What's Really Inside Those Fancy Oscar Swag Bags
    Thing X reveals the free goodies & giveaways celebrities get when they attend big fancy award shows. []

  • The Internet Has Ruined Going Out To Eat
    This handy chart explains how having dinner with friends has been ruined by social media. []

  • CONAN Writer Brian Stack Remembers Chris Farley
    Brian Stack shares war stories about his days performing improv with his friend Chris Farley in Chicago. []