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Fresh Noise: Galactic Full Album Stream

Whether today has got you down or got you head over heels in love, we've got the perfect way to spend your Valentine's Day: Shaking your rump and throwing a fist pump to the funky sounds of our New Orleans native pals, GALACTIC. Their brand new album "Carnivale Electricos" won't be unleashed until next Tuesday... But you can check out the entire thing right here, right now, streaming right out of straight through your ear goggles and into your brainpan!

If you like what you hear (and why wouldn't you, baby?!), you can pre-order the album on iTunes right here! Wondering when Galactic is coming to your town? Pop over to their Facebook page and find out - and whether they're in the studio with Mos Def, or just stuck behind a stupid parade during Mardi Gras and you'd be a fool not to follow the madness that is Galactic on Twitter!

So, until "Carnivale Electricos" drops next week - or until they come to visit CONAN on 3/29 - we'll all just have to be content with being the very first to enjoy Galactic's new album. LET'S GET DOWN AND GET ON IT, PARTY PEOPLE! BOOM!