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Triumph Snubbed: No Justice, No Poop!

"Hugo" Director Martin Scorcese might have been <a href="" target="New">miffed</a> that Blackie the dog was passed over for Dog News Daily's "<a href="">Golden Collar Awards</a>", but if you ask us, that's NOTHING compared to our own Triumph The Insult Comic Dog getting snubbed! Team Coco, let's come together to right this injustice! How? <ol><li> Head over to the <a href="">Dog News Daily Facebook Page</a></li> <li> Post a comment nominating Triumph The Insult Comic Dog! No Justice, No Poop!</li> <li> Watch sweet destiny unfold...</li></ol> <br /> Need reasons to justify your nomination? Look no further: <br /><br /> <img src=""> Triumph's performance at Occupy Wall Street was astonishing. [<a href="">Watch Here</a>] In full reporter mode, Triumph asked all the tough questions, including whether the occupants were protesting the high price of Scooby snacks. <br /><br /> <img src=""> Then he showed incredible range in going undercover as Geraldo to attract Wall Street brokers. <br /><br /> <img src=""> Finally, he transformed himself into a giant in molesting the Wall Street Bull. <br /><br /> So what are you waiting for? <a href=""> Click Here To Nominate Triumph For The Golden Collar Awards</a>