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Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Former First Lady Michelle Obama feels cautiously optimistic about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.

Michelle and Conan sit down to talk about Michelle’s memoir Becoming, childhood inspirations, embarrassing her kids, spending time alone with Chipotle, putting the right people in office, and the loss of anonymity.

Got a question for Conan? Call our voicemail: (323) 451-2821.

Inside CONAN: An Important Hollywood Podcast

CONAN writers Mike Sweeney and Jessie Gaskell welcome comedian and CONAN alum Deon Cole to talk about becoming a writer for CONAN after doing stand-up on The Tonight Show, his short-lived series Deon Cole’s Black Box which Jessie wrote on, simultaneously working on Black-ish & Angie Tribeca, the time he was on an all carrot diet, and his dream to be in a horror movie. Plus, CONAN Office Coordinator Nick Centofante joins Mike and Jessie to discuss the soda discrepancy.

Deon Cole: Black People Were Not Shocked By The College Bribery Scandal