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Team Coco Podcasts

Deep Dive With Dana Carvey

Dana reveals his more aggressive characters plus Jon Lovitz’s secret catchphrase. Also: Trump sings a song and Obama makes a pitch to Netflix.

The Three Questions with Andy Richter

Comedian Joel Kim Booster sits down with Andy Richter to talk about controversial theater school productions, having his parents discover he was gay by reading his diary, and how he used live theater to launchpad into stand-up comedy. Plus, Joel shares the most helpful piece of advice he’s learned as well as the goalposts he’s building towards.

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Inside CONAN: An Important Hollywood Podcast

Legendary Conan writer and performer Brian McCann joins Conan writers Mike Sweeney and Jessie Gaskell to discuss everything during his 17 years at Conan. They talk about the FedEx Pope, Preparation H Raymond, being the ambassador for the improv and stand-up community in Chicago in the late 80s/early 90s, his Arrogant Dumbass character bombing during a Conan taping, Joe’s Pub, the “No Reason to Live” Kayak Guy, and much more.

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Actress and comedy icon Julia Louis-Dreyfus feels a tad hopeful (but not really) about being Conan O’Brien’s friend.

On the season finale, Julia and Conan sit down to talk about when it’s okay for their kids to hear them swearing, the melding of Veep and reality, how frustration can be good for you, learning via failure at SNL and much more. Plus, Conan responds to a listener looking for work as he and his team Review the Reviewers.

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