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Weeknights at 11/10
We checked with scientific experts from Stadt to Salt Lake City and it's both a medical and grammatical fact: Kaley Cuoco is just too cute for words on "The Big Bang Theory." It's science!
Kaley Cuoco
He's got his new show, "Dr. Drew's Lifechangers" he's got his eponymous show on HLN, but really Dr. Drew wants to hear how you're doing.
Dr. Drew Pinsky

How Do You Do is Mayer Hawthorne's album and, you lucky dogs you, you get to hear him play an awesome new track from it!

Mayer Hawthorne
Ray Liotta is here to talk about his new show, "Shades of Blue." We've heard he's a good fella. That's not a joke, we've actually heard that he's actually a rather personable guy.
Ray Liotta
World class chef José Andrés is here to teach Conan how to whip up one of his delicious recipes. Why is "whip up" always used for cooking? It's so violent! What if Conan just gently hugs up a delicious recipe instead?
Chef José Andrés
The very funny Tommy Johnagin dropped out of college at 21 to do comedy full-time. We hope he sends a copy of his set here to his guidance counselor just to show that it all turned out okay.
Tommy Johnagin

Our pal, "Blue Bloods" star Tom Selleck, stops by the studio. Do you think if we ask him nicely, he'll get into a mustache fight with LaBamba? The smart money's on Selleck's `stache, but LaBamba's soup strainer is a scrapper with a lotta heart!

Tom Selleck
Julianne Hough stars in "Dancing with the Stars." Look for Conan to star in "Dancing Awkwardly by Himself in a Darkened Corner."
Julianne Hough
Ironically enough, having All Time Low play our stage is an all time high for us. Check out their new album, Dirty Work.
All Time Low
There's gonna be two redheads onstage and here's a simple way to tell them apart: One is a Broadway fanatic who can't stop humming show tunes and the other is Jesse Tyler Ferguson from "Modern Family."
Jesse Tyler Ferguson

We asked 100 people, what popular "Family Feud" host will be appearing on "Conan?" Survey says. . ."ding!" Steve Harvey!

Steve Harvey
Amy Schumer's new sketch show "Inside Amy Schumer." Get your mind out of the gutters, people, Amy's talking about inside her mind!
Amy Schumer