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Weeknights at 11/10
Animal expert and star of "America the Wild" Casey Anderson once raised a grizzly bear from a cub. Meanwhile, we had trouble keeping our goldfish alive more than 3 months.
Casey Anderson
The lovely Morena Baccarin stars in "Gotham." We still kinda hope that, in a stunning twist, she turns out to be Queen of the Space Lizards, just for old time's sake.
Morena Baccarin
Alt-rock legends Wilco's new album is The Whole Love which also accurately describes the amount of affection we have for them.
Sam Worthington stars in the new thriller, "Man on a Ledge." Don’t jump, Sam! This isn’t Pandora and there’s no flying Ikran to catch you! /hugeAvatardork
Sam Worthington
World Champion Whipcracker Adam Winrich has a neat trick where he soaks a whip in gas and then snaps it so hard, it lights on fire. We can’t imagine how it could possibly go wrong in our studio!
Whipcracker Adam Winrich
Julia Nunes has a new album called Settle Down. We hope she doesn’t have to pay royalties to the kindergarten teachers of America over the title.
Julia Nunes
Whenever Elizabeth Banks is here, we kind of hope she'll bring along a big urn of audience member names and announce, "Time to select the tributes for this year's Hunger Games!!"
Elizabeth Banks
Timothy Olyphant stars in the Netflix Original series "Santa Clarita Diet," which premieres its third season on March 29th.
Timothy Olyphant
John Mulaney is an Emmy-award winning comedian, actor, writer, and producer. His film "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" will be available to purchase on March 19th.
John Mulaney
Cuba Gooding, Jr. plays a WWII fighter pilot in "Red Tails". If you thought he was intense in "Jerry Maguire," wait till you see him shooting eight .50-caliber machine guns at Nazis.
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Jon Heder stars in the new animated version of "Napoleon Dynamite". We’re stocking the green room with tater tots in his honor.
Jon Heder
They Might Be Giants' new album is called I Like Fun, which is a statement we can get behind.
They Might Be Giants