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Weeknights at 11/10
He's a magician, a Tony and Emmy Award-winner, and now he's published his memoirs, Choose Your Own Autobiography. We're not positive, but it seems like Neil Patrick Harris literally has it all.
Neil Patrick Harris
In "Unleashed," Kate Micucci’s two pets turn into the perfect men who vie for her attention. Wow, we’d give anything to get our cat to acknowledge us just once…
Kate Micucci
Yuna says her music is Mary Poppins meets Coldplay; we'd kill to see Chris Martin rock a flying umbrella. Her album, Nocturnal, is out now.
Mike Tyson is a guest panelist on Fox's upcoming competition special "SUPERHUMAN." We literally can’t think of anyone more fit for the job.
Mike Tyson
Chris Elliott stars in the hilarious and cartoonishly violent "Eagleheart," Coincidentally enough, hilarious and cartoonishly violent also describe our dancing style.
Chris Elliott
The very funny Cy Amundson is making his late night television debut with us. Shh! No one tell him about the hazing process until Arsenio comes over with the shaving cream and the women's lingerie.
Cy Amundson
Seann William Scott is our favorite actor with three first names on Thursday's show.
Seann William Scott
Maria Menounos stars in "Adventures of Serial Buddies," the world's only serial killer buddy comedy. At least until our Hannibal Lecter/Jeffrey Dahmer road trip comedy gets greenlit.
Maria Menounos
Heartless Bastards have a new album called Arrow. BTW, saying to co-workers "Boy, can't wait for the Heartless Bastards to get here!" sounds weirder than you'd think.
Heartless Bastards
Aziz Ansari stars in "Master of None," a new Netflix show that is so good that instead of thinking of a pun on the name, we're going to insist that everybody watch it right away. Or at least, right after watching CONAN.
Aziz Ansari
We have no joke here, we just want to say we're deeply in love with Christina Hendricks and with "Mad Men." TEAM JOAN 4 LIFE!
Christina Hendricks
Indie Folksters Good Old War have a new album called Come Back as Rain. Not to be confused with our Prince tribute band, Come Back, Purple Rain.
Good Old War