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Weeknights at 11/10
"Glee" star Cory Monteith was born in Canada, where we're pretty sure the national anthem is, "Let's Get Some More Poutine, Eh?"
Cory Monteith
Matt Kemp is the center fielder for the LA Dodgers and is featured in "MLB 12 The Show" from Playstation. Meanwhile, you can check us out in the new Playstation game, "NERDY12 The Show."
Matt Kemp
The hilarious Tim Minchin might be our favorite Australian import since vegemite. But it's a lot harder to smear Tim Minchin on toast for breakfast.
Tim Minchin
Jason Biggs stars in "Orange is the New Black." Pshaw. Conan's been making orange the hot color for years now.
Jason Biggs
Phil and Willie Robertson are duck hunting experts on "Duck Dynasty." How often do you think they get into that old Bugs Bunny / Daffy Duck "Duck Season! Rabbit season!" argument?
Phil & Willie Robertson
The incredibly talented M. Ward has a new album called More Rain. It's both a great listen and plantive plea from drought-ravaged California.
M. Ward
Larry David stars in "The Three Stooges." Does this mean Curly is going to commit a series of social faux-pas while Larry fumes?
Larry David
Lena Dunham stars in the new HBO series "Girls." Yet HBO passed on our Mrs. Garrett-centric "Facts of Life" reboot, "Girls, girls, girls!" Seems strange.
Lena Dunham
Country music star Craig Morgan's new album is called This Ole Boy. We're practicing our country twang as we speak, Sorry, we mean, practicin' our country twang.
Craig Morgan
Nicole Richie is a mentor on "Fashion Star," where designers compete to have their fashions appear in stores. Sadly, they didn't go for our Hypercolor 'n Zubaz ensemble like we thought they would.
Nicole Richie
In "Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation," Jim Gaffigan plays a vampire and monster slayer who maintains a kale diet. We're surprised Jim took the role considering how much he hates kale.
Jim Gaffigan
The awesome Arctic Monkeys' new album is Suck It and See. Arctic Monkeys are like our favorite band ever--if it's possible to legally wed an entire band, we would. AND DON'T THINK WE HAVEN'T TRIED.
Arctic Monkeys