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Weeknights at 11/10
Colin Farrell stars in "The Lobster" the most bizarre and brilliant movie we've seen in a long time, even though it asks us to believe that Colin, the most handsome & charming Irishman ever, is unlucky in love.
Colin Farrell
In "Rizzoli & Isles", the beautiful Angie Harmon plays a tough-as-nails Boston cop. As opposed to Conan, who is a girly-as-ruffles Boston fop.
Angie Harmon
Thenewno2 have a new album called thefearofmissingout. Man, some folks will do anything to save character space on their Tweets.
Jeff Daniels stars in "The Looming Tower" as the chief of New York's FBI Counterterrorism Center. He also starred as the dim-witted Harry Dunne in "Dumb and Dumber." Wow, he's got range.
Jeff Daniels
Not only is jockey Chantal Sutherland the first woman to win the prestigious Hollywood Gold Cup, but she rides a horse named "Game On Dude." Just like that, we're in love.
Chantal Sutherland
The Fray have a new album called Scars and Stories. We think it's Fray-bulous! Wow; we can somehow hear you groan through our computer screen.
The Fray
Jon Cryer tapes "Two and a Half Men" just down the street from us. Sorry about blasting all that loud reggaeton music, Jon, but that's how Andy Richter likes to party.
Jon Cryer
Moon Bloodgood stars in "Falling Skies." We're sorry to break it to you, Benedict Cumberbatch, but we're afraid you no longer have the coolest name.
Moon Bloodgood
Jason Mraz's new album is Love is a Four Letter Word. Yeah, that's totally what we yelled at the guy who cut us off in traffic today. Go love yourself, we screamed.
Jason Mraz
Will Ferrell stars with Amy Poehler in the new comedy "The House." Do you really need to know anything else?
Will Ferrell
The rockingly hilarious Tenacious D's latest album is called Rize of the Fenix. It's giving spellcheckers nationwide a hart atak.
Tenacious D