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Weeknights at 11/10
Amanda Seyfried plays Cosette in "Les Miserables" and we're crying already. "One Day More" FTW!
Amanda Seyfried
Adam Pally stars in "Most Likely To Murder," which is the same title we were voted here at CONAN.
Adam Pally
The hilarious Jon Dore was the first comedian featured on CONAN. We hope he doesn't mind we've been seeing other comedians.
Jon Dore
Chris Pratt stars in "Passengers." We'd say more but we're too busy writing Chris Pratt's name over and over in our journal and doodling hearts all over it.
Chris Pratt
On "Fringe" Anna Torv investigates the weird, the freaky, and the unexplainable. But even she would be horrified by La Bamba's dressing room.
Anna Torv
Neo-soulster Jose James' new album is No Beginning No End, which we think violates Einstein's law of entropy, but, Jose is cool, so we'll allow it.
Jose James
Aubrey Plaza is the 2019 host of the Film Independent Spirit Awards, airing live on IFC on February 23rd.
Aubrey Plaza
Natalie Irish uses only her lips and some lipstick to create amazing works of art. She must be one of the few artists who can write off her Estee Lauder purchases as work expenses.
Natalie Irish
The very funny Kyle Kinane has a Comedy Central special called "Loose in Chicago." Just remember, if you encounter a wild Kyle Kinane loose in public, do not make eye contact and contact the appropriate authorities/Comedy Central.
Kyle Kinane
Paul Rudd stars as the titular tiny hero in "Ant-Man." This is very big Marvel movie, so we can assure you that there's going to absolutely no "Mac & Me" hijinks from Paul this time around…
Paul Rudd
Rita Wilson has an album of holiday favorites, The Christmas Card. It just wouldn't feel like the yuletide season without a little Christmas crooning.
Rita Wilson
Benjamin Gibbard's latest song is a a reimagined version of The Beatles' "And I Love Her" entitled "And I Love Him." ​The song is included on Universal Love, a collection of reimagined wedding songs for the LGBTQ community.
Benjamin Gibbard