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Weeknights at 11/10
Kellan Lutz hosts the new reality competition show "Bullseye" where contestants transforms themselves into human darts. We just pulled a hamstring writing that, so we're probably not cut out for it.
Kellan Lutz
Kate McKinnon is the hot new breakout star from "Saturday Night Live." If you haven't seen her Tilda Swinton impression, what are you waiting for??
Kate McKinnon
Gary Vider recently won the Annual "Caroline's Comedy Madness" tournament. What's even more impressive is that Gary personally killed & consumed all the losers. Professional comedy is no joke, kids!
Gary Vider
The incredible Jane Fonda is AFI's Life Achievement Award recipient this year. Finally, someone who appreciates our "Klute"-cosplay!
Jane Fonda
Ramón Rodríguez stars in "Gang Related," a gritty drama about a cop who has secret ties to a street gang. Sadly that gang is not "Our Gang," because we would love Alfalfa as a bloodthirsty kingpin.
Ramón Rodríguez
Twin Shadow is neither a twin nor is made entirely of shadows. But despite that, we think he's awesome. His new single "Saturdays," co-written and featuring by HAIM, is available now.
Twin Shadow
Emily Blunt stars in"Edge of Tomorrow," about a futuristic soldier who is caught in a repeating time loop. It's like "Groundhog Day" with more lasers and less groundhogs.
Emily Blunt
Sure, Brent Morin stars in NBC's new comedy, "Undateable," but he got his start as a PA here at CONAN. For old time's sake, we're gonna send him on a coffee run in the middle of his interview.
Brent Morin
Alt Rock legend Bob Mould has a new album called Beauty & Ruin. We don't have a silly joke here, we just really like Bob Mould.
Bob Mould
Jon Favreau directed, co-produced, wrote and starred in "Chef." The only thing he didn't do in it, ironically, is cater it.
Jon Favreau
Rob Riggle snubbed Andy during a previous appearance on the show. There’s no joke to add here, we just aren’t ready to let Rob live it down.
Rob Riggle
Echosmith is all-sibling band made up of 3 brothers and 1 sister. All we ever did with our siblings is fight. Their album, Talking Dreams, is out now.