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Josh Groban hosts "Rising Star." with judges Kesha, Ludacris, & Brad Paisley. That quartet right there would be our dream road trip team.
Josh Groban
We’re so excited that "Nathan For You," star Nathan Fielder is here. In his honor, we’ve stocked his dressing room with hundreds of cans of Dumb Starbucks coffee.
Nathan Fielder
Rilo Kiley's frontwoman Jenny Lewis has a new solo album, The Voyager. We've been playing it non-stop since it came out.
Jenny Lewis
The beautiful Jessica Alba returns as Nancy in "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For." We don't if we could KILL, but we'd certainly get slapped around for Jessica.
Jessica Alba
Marcus Haney went from fast-talking shutterbug who snuck into Coachella into one of the hottest music photographers in demand. Watch his meteoric rise in "No Cameras Allowed."
Marcus Haney
Tove Lo is our favorite new Swedish pop singer. Sweden has given us Robyn, Ace of Base, & Abba; who knew that meatballs & herring made such good pop stars? Tove's album is Lady Wood.
Tove Lo
Pierce Brosnan stars in the spy thriller "The November Man." Pierce Brosnan as a suave yet deadly spy? Pfft. Who would ever buy that?
Pierce Brosnan
Jaime King stars as identical twins Goldie & Wendy in "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For."Two Jaime Kings is almost too much gorgeousness, but we'll make do.
Jaime King
Hampton Yount is our favorite comedian whose name could also work perfectly for a Star Trek character.
Hampton Yount

A very special episode of CONAN featuring flubs, blunders, and bloopers from Conan's rehearsal.

Episode #1295 Originally Broadcast (9/18/19)

CONAN Scrapisode