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Our good friend Dax Shepard has two children with his beautiful wife Kristen Bell. We've written a ton of fanfic about them as their animal doppelgängers, Dax German Shepard & Kristen Bull. His new podcast "Armchair Expert" is available now.
Dax Shepard
The lovely Rosemarie DeWitt stars in <a href="" target="new">"Men, Women & Children."</a> We can't wait til the sequel, "Animals, Plants, & Small Kitchen Appliances."
Rosemarie DeWitt
Dan St. Germain is our favorite liqueur-named comedian, right after Steve Crème de Menthe.
Dan St. Germain
Jennifer Garner stars in <a href="" target="new">"Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day."</a> We'd repeat the title, but we only have room for so many letters in here.
Jennifer Garner
T.J. Miller is here to promote "The Gorburger Show," "Silicon Valley," "The Emoji Movie," AND his HBO stand-up special "Meticulously Ridiculous" Phew, those plugs left us winded.
T.J. Miller
Shakey Graves is the hot new indie folk star from Austin. Not to be confused with his non-union stand-in, Jittery Tombs. Shakey's album is And The War Came.
Shakey Graves
Chelsea Handler and Conan have a lot in common. For example, they’re both comedians, they both have five siblings, and they both host talk shows named after themselves. "Chelsea" Season Two premieres on Netflix on April 14.
Chelsea Handler
He's been a giant slayer and an X-Man, and now Nicholas Hoult takes on the post-apocalyptic future in <a href="" target="new">"Young Ones."</a> Can't poor Nicholas ever get a movie set in a spa in Hawaii??
Nicholas Hoult
Gerard Way has gone solo with his album <i>Hesitant Alien</i>. Buy one for the 70s glam rock extra-terrestial in your life today.
Gerard Way
Anthony Anderson hosts "Animal Nation," a new talk show on Animal Planet. Little known fact: "Animal Nation" was the working title for "CONAN."
Anthony Anderson
Jon Lovitz is on the show…to promote his new line of luxury yachts…yeah, that's it! With his beautiful wife, uh, Morgan Fairchild. Yeah, that's the ticket!
Jon Lovitz
The incredible New Pornographers' new album is <i>Brill Bruisers</i>. We dare you to say it five times fast.
The New Pornographers