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Weeknights at 11/10
In honor of "Portlandia" stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, we are gonna put SO MANY BIRDS on their dressing room walls.
Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein
Blake Anderson is super committed to his role as a telemarketer on "Workaholics." Seriously, we can’t get him to stop spamming us.
Blake Anderson
Wade Bowen's new album is Wade Bowen. We think if we say "Wade Bowen" a few more times, Wade Bowen will appear, like Candyman.
Wade Bowen
Matt LeBlanc is wonderful as Matt LeBlanc in "Episodes." Terrific casting.
Matt LeBlanc
Felicity Jones plays Stephen Hawkings' wife in "The Theory of Everything." Felicity's so beautiful, we want to study astrophysics just to get a shot with her.
Felicity Jones
With Mariachi El Bronx, we're thrilled that we've got a band that not only can rock the drums and guitars but also the vihuela and the requinto jarocho.
Mariachi El Bronx
"Logan" star Sir Patrick Stewart is here, and all we can think about is how to trick him into saying "Make it so!" multiple times.
Sir Patrick Stewart
If you want a tongue twister with "The Soul Man" star Niecy Nash, try "Niecy Nash's nice niece needs nine knives kneaded nightly."
Niecy Nash
Simon Amstell says that he was fired from his job at Nickelodeon for being sarcastic and mean to children. We knew we liked him immensely for a reason.
Simon Amstell
Patton Oswalt is the funniest comedian we know who can also deliver an 18-point lecture on the finer points of Mon Mothma and Star Wars feminism.
Patton Oswalt
Sally Hawkins stars as Mrs. Brown in "Paddington." We'll be sure to stock extra marmalade sandwiches in case he drops by too.
Sally Hawkins
Run the Jewels is so much better than their cheap Florida knock-offs, Mall-Walk the Valuables. Run The Jewels 2 is available now.
Run The Jewels