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We've got the whole cast of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" here -- Danny Devito, Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton and Kaitlin Olson. It's only a few less people than the actual population of Philadelphia.
The Cast Of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"
In the Valley Below is our favorite band that also doubles as driving directions. Their album is The Belt.
In The Valley Below
Artie Lange plays the role of Artie Lange on HBO’s "Crashing." If you ask us, he was totally typecast.
Artie Lange
"Eye Candy" star Victoria Justice has such a great name that we can't believe it's not the alter ego for some Marvel superhero.
Victoria Justice
The very funny Daniel Sloss might be our favorite Scottish import since Sean Connery & haggis. Histwo new Netflix specials are streaming now.
Daniel Sloss
Edward Norton's new movie is entitled "Collateral Beauty." We tried to use our beauty as collateral to buy a car, but we only ended up with a 1989 Buick LeSaber.
Edward Norton
Melissa Rauch films "The Big Bang Theory" literally across the street from us on the Warner Bros. lot. We don't know if we should send a car to pick her up or an intern on a skateboard.
Melissa Rauch
The very funny Andrew Santino is our fourth favorite redhead, right behind Conan, Tilda Swinton, and this one troll doll we had when we were 11.
Andrew Santino
In "The Mindy Project," Mindy Kaling stars as a doctor who's unlucky in love. That's probably less dangerous than a lover who's unlucky in doctoring.
Mindy Kaling
A.J. Jacobs is organizing the "Global Family Reunion," which is trying to connect every member of his far-flung family no matter how distant the connection. Hope someone remembers to bring extra potato salad for all 5,000+ members.
A.J. Jacobs
The very funny D.J. Demers is born and bred Canadian, which means we'll have to pay him in Tim Horton's and moose pelts.
D.J. Demers