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Jeremy Renner stars in the micro-budget indie movie "The Avengers: Age of Ultron." It's a great movie, but we hope they can get the word out about such little-known film.
Jeremy Renner
T.J. Miller is here to promote "The Gorburger Show," "Silicon Valley," "The Emoji Movie," AND his HBO stand-up special "Meticulously Ridiculous" Phew, those plugs left us winded.
T.J. Miller
Indie rocker Mikal Cronin's new album is MCIII, which is the Roman numeral for 1103. Whoa. We feel like we just cracked the DaVinci Code of music.
Mikal Cronin
Moone Boy: The Blunder Years author Chris Dowd was born and raised in County Roscommon, Ireland. Maybe he and Conan can swap their favorite boiled meat recipes.
Chris O'Dowd
The beautiful and talented Alicia Vikander stars in "Ex Machina" as a robot that's been given artificial intelligence. If all cyborgs look like Alicia then we say, bring on the robot apocalypse!
Alicia Vikander
Best Coast's new album is called California Nights. Best Coast are such big Cali boosters, we bet their middle names are Sacramento & Anaheim.
Best Coast
Helen Hunt wrote, directed, and starred in "Ride." It's possible she also catered, made the wardrobe, and did the sound mix, she's so busy.
Helen Hunt
Nick Swardson's very first film role was the "Insane Bowie Fan" in "Almost Famous." We literally couldn't think of anyone more fit for the part.
Nick Swardson
They Might Be Giants' new album is called I Like Fun, which is a statement we can get behind.
They Might Be Giants
Chris Hardwick hosts "Talking with Chris Hardwick," "Talking Dead," "Talking Bad," "Talking Saul," and "Talking Preacher." Can you guess what he's here to do?
Chris Hardwick
After eight great years of "Mad Men," the only thing we want of out of creator Matt Weiner is his personal assurance that Joan will be okay. #TeamJoan4Eva
Matthew Weiner
Andy Sandford was named one of “Brooklyn’s Funniest People” by Brooklyn Magazine, and if anyone's gonna know Brooklyn, it's probably Brookyln Magazine.
Andy Sandford