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Elijah Wood stars in "Come To Daddy," in theaters February 7.
Elijah Wood
Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty’s new memoir is entitled Fortunate Son: My Life, My Music. And now you’ll be humming “Fortunate Son” for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.
John Fogerty
Richard Thompson's new album, produced by music legend Jeff Tweedy, is entitled Still. Which ironically is one thing we can't remain when we listen to Richard Thompson.
Richard Thompson
Gabrielle Union stars in "Being Mary Jane," We hope Gabrielle notes how cold it is in the studio just so we can say, "Must be some Toros in the atmosphere!" Our dreams are small but manageable.
Gabrielle Union
Marian Hill picked their name as an homage from two characters from “The Music Man.” Our inner theater kid just squealed in the delight. Their album is Sway
Marian Hill
In Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink, the great Elvis Costello looks back over his five-decade career in music. We plan to slip on our snap-brimmed fedora and thick-rimmed librarian glasses to read it all in one sitting.
Elvis Costello
We’re so excited that "Nathan For You," star Nathan Fielder is here. In his honor, we’ve stocked his dressing room with hundreds of cans of Dumb Starbucks coffee.
Nathan Fielder
La Santa Cecilia es nuestra nueva banda indie-latino favorito. Nos encanta cualquier banda con un acordeonista chévere.
La Santa Cecilia
Sarah Silverman hosts "The Sarah Silverman Podcast."
Sarah Silverman
Wrestling superstar Paige is featured in the new WWE 2K16 video game. We could give you the inside scoop, but then Paige would kick our ass, both in the video game and in real life.
Megan Gailey is making her late night TV debut with us, so let’s give her a nice warm welcome, and then, once her guard is down, grab her for the Welcome To Late Night hazing ritual.
Megan Gailey