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Weeknights at 11/10
Zachary Quinto just finished filming "Star Trek Beyond." Any chance we can get some spoilers, Zach? Just whisper them softly into our pointy Vulcan ears.
Zachary Quinto
Sure, Brent Morin stars in NBC's new comedy, "Undateable," but he got his start as a PA here at CONAN. For old time's sake, we're gonna send him on a coffee run in the middle of his interview.
Brent Morin
Warren Haynes' new album is Ashes & Dust, which is typically what we're reduced to after one of his guitar solos.
Warren Haynes
The lovely and talented Kate Bosworth stars in "The Art of More," which is completely unrelated to Andy's new campfire cooking show, "The Art of S'mores."
Kate Bosworth
Michael Carbano performs magic to unsuspecting passers-by. Or as they used to call it back in the day, “WITCHCRAFT!!"
Michael Carbonaro
Not only are we fans of Jack Garratt's music, we're also in awe of his his rad beard. Seriously, it's Amish-level good. His new single "Weathered" is available now.
Jack Garratt
For the first time ever, the hosts of "Inside the NBA" --Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neal, & Kenny Smith-- are appearing on a talk show together. It's going to be our tallest show ever!
The Hosts Of "Inside The NBA"
Every year, Andy Kindler delivers his State of the Industry Address at the Just For Laughs Festival. It’s like a State of the Union speech if President Obama was allowed to roast the hell out of congressional Republicans.
Andy Kindler
Former "Voice" contestant Melanie Martinez has a great new album entitled Cry Baby. We'll make sure Conan & Andy's chairs swivel towards Melanie to make her feel at home.
Melanie Martinez
Dr. Phil has helped out thousands of people with his no-nonsense diagnoses. Meanwhile, our show has a strict all-nonsense policy. We smell trouble!
Dr. Phil McGraw
Aya Cash stars in "You're The Worst" in which, ironically, she's the best.
Aya Cash
Ahmed Bharoocha was named by LA Weekly as one of the top comedy acts to watch. Don’t worry, LA Weekly, we’ll keep a sharp eye on him for you.
Ahmed Bharoocha