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Weeknights at 11/10
"London Has Fallen" star Angela Bassett is so beautiful, so regal and so talented that we would honestly pay good money to watch her order at the Wendy's drive-thru window. We bet it'd be the best drive-thru order we've ever seen.
Angela Bassett
Jay Duplass works on both "Transparent" AND "Togetherness." We're sure there's another T-show he could probably work on for the hat trick-- "Teen Wolf?" "That's So Raven?" "Top Chef?"
Jay Duplass
The great Peter Frampton's new album is entitled Acoustic Classics. We're think all of us Peter Frampton fans should be known as "Fanmptons." We've got a good feeling about it catching on.
Peter Frampton
It seems a little unfair that "Better Call Saul" star Bob Odenkirk is both such a good dramatic actor AND such a funny guy. Just pick one, Bob! You're making the rest of us look lazy.
Bob Odenkirk
Sex expert and "The Doctors" co-host Jennifer Berman is ready to give Conan some sexual health advice. Our notepads are at the ready, Doc!
Dr. Jennifer Berman
We feel very confident in saying that Carmen Lynch is the funniest 6 foot tall Spaniard we've ever booked on our show. Better luck next time, Antonio Banderas Wearing Lifts!
Carmen Lynch
Sacha Baron Cohen stars in "The Brothers Grimsby" as a dull-witted sports fan whose long-lost brother is the Britain's top spy. You had us at "Sacha Baron Cohen stars."
Sacha Baron Cohen
Our friend Jimmy Pardo might be the fastest wit we know and he's using that quick mind for charity for his annual "Pard-Cast-A-Thon."
Jimmy Pardo
Parquet Courts' new album is Human Performance. Look for our cover band, Linoleum Tiles, to be playing immediately after the show in the parking lot of the abandonded 7-11.
Parquet Courts
UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor is without a doubt the most charming, charismatic person we've ever met who could kick our butt in a half a second flat.
Conor McGregor
Dave Attell is our favorite comedian who also looks like he could conceivably be able to repair the transmission on an '84 Chevette.
Dave Attell
Here's our million dollar idea: a triple bill of BJ the Chicago Kid, the band Chicago and Kid Rock. BJ the Chicago Kid's new album is In My Mind.
BJ The Chicago Kid