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Weeknights at 11/10
UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor is without a doubt the most charming, charismatic person we've ever met who could kick our butt in a half a second flat.
Conor McGregor
Dave Attell is our favorite comedian who also looks like he could conceivably be able to repair the transmission on an '84 Chevette.
Dave Attell
Here's our million dollar idea: a triple bill of BJ the Chicago Kid, the band Chicago and Kid Rock. BJ the Chicago Kid's new album is In My Mind.
BJ The Chicago Kid
It's a brand-new show dedicated to EVEN MORE flubs, blunders, and bloopers that have never been seen before.
Third Annual CONAN Scrapisode
Larry King has a new line of bedroom linens called "Sleep Like a King." Finally, you can experience the luxury of sleeping at Larry's house without the pesky nuisance of being arrested for breaking and entering.
Larry King
Porn historian Brian Watson has written a book exploring the origins of smut entitled Annals of Pornographie: How Porn Became Bad. You see, mom? All this time on the computer with our bedroom door shut was just historical research.
Brian Watson
Country superstar Dustin Lynch's new single is "Seein' Red," which coincidently he'll be doing when he meets Conan.
Dustin Lynch
"Why Him?" star Megan Mullally is what we call in the biz a quadruple threat-she sings, dances, acts, and is married to Nick Offerman.
Megan Mullally
Flula Borg once invited Conan to Germany to eat muesli and watch old people on benches. Obviously Conan said yes.
Flula Borg
Aparna Nancharla has written for Seth Meyers, appeared on "Inside Amy Schumer," & "Love" AND has a new comedy album entitled Just Putting This Out There. Aparna's doing so much she's actually the one writing this description right now.
Aparna Nancherla