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Weeknights at 11/10
We're not sure exactly where we fell in love in Walton Goggins: was it "Justified?" Could it have been "Hateful Eight?" But we guarantee you'll love him just as much as we do in "Tomb Raider."
Walton Goggins
Tig Notaro is a comedian, actor, and writer. Catch her on "Star Trek: Discovery" and buy tickets for her stand-up tour.
Tig Notaro
We normally do a funny little joke here but we're so obsessed with Corinne Bailey Rae's new album The Heart Speaks in Whispers that we're just gonna tell you to listen to it RIGHT NOW. Or at least RIGHT AFTER CONAN'S DONE.
Corinne Bailey Rae
Our friend Stuntman Steven Ho is an expert ass-kicker and usually the ass that gets kicked belongs to Conan.
Steven Ho
David Cross is an Emmy-Award winning writer, an actor, and a comedian. His latest special "Oh, Come On" is available on May 10.
David Cross
Dan is both a hilarious stand-up comedian and law school graduate. Which means all his jokes are both funny and firmly rooted in a strict constructionist reading of the law.
Dan Naturman
We desperately want to ask "Hell or High Water" star Jeff Bridges what he thinks of our green room rug. If he says it really ties the room together, we can die happy.
Jeff Bridges
Jeff Ross is the king of insult comedy and a roastmaster extraordinaire. Please God, don't target us, Jeff. We're overly-sensitive and cry with little-to-no provocation!
Jeff Ross
Brent Sullivan is the funniest comedian we know that probably shares the same name with everyone's friend from 7th grade.
Brent Sullivan
It seems a little unfair that "Better Call Saul" star Bob Odenkirk is both such a good dramatic actor AND such a funny guy. Just pick one, Bob! You're making the rest of us look lazy.
Bob Odenkirk
Flula Borg once invited Conan to Germany to eat muesli and watch old people on benches. Obviously Conan said yes.
Flula Borg
Joseph is made up of three singer-songwriter sisters; you might be able to guess since their album title I'm Alone, No You're Not definitely sounds like siblings squabbling.