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Weeknights at 11/10
Kevin Nealon is a comedian and actor. He currently stars in "Man with a Plan" on CBS and hosts a weekly web series entitled "Hiking With Kevin."
Kevin Nealon
Mike Colter stars in "Luke Cage" as the reluctant hero of Harlem with the unbreakable skin. Conan is still a little sad he didn't get a callback for that role.
Mike Colter
The great Amos Lee's new album is entitled Spirit. We can definitely feel the Spirit move us.
Amos Lee
The lovely Kristen Bell stars in "A Bad Moms Christmas," alongside the equally lovely Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn. For the record, we think they’re all fantastic moms.
Kristen Bell
Evan Peters has appeared in every single season of "American Horror Story," including the latest season, “Cult." We wonder if it's weird for Evan when he's in a movie or show that doesn't have a bunch of spooky murders?
Evan Peters
Miike Snow's new album is entitled iii. We thiiink iiit's just iiincredible.
Miike Snow
Norm Macdonald has a new show called "Norm Macdonald Has A Show." Just in case it wasn't clear, Norm Macdonald has a show.
Norm Macdonald
Keke Palmer stars in "Scream Queens," which also describes our show when Conan and Andy see a big scary spider backstage.
Keke Palmer
The legendary ZZ Top have a new compliation album entitled Tonite at Midnight: Live Greatest Hits from Around the World. We're so excited we just grew a 2 foot long sympathy beard.
ZZ Top
Christian Slater stars as a sleazy gay porn producer & as a crazy figment of Rami Malek’s imagination in “King Cobra” & “Mr. Robot” respectively. Or as we prefer to think of the two, #LifeGoals.
Christian Slater
In "Review," Andy Daly’s character rates real-life experiences like going to prom, eating 30 pancakes, and happiness. We’ve tried all of above and would rate them respectively as 1 star, 4 stars, and elusive.
Andy Daly
The very funny Kyle Kinane has a Comedy Central special called "Loose in Chicago." Just remember, if you encounter a wild Kyle Kinane loose in public, do not make eye contact and contact the appropriate authorities/Comedy Central.
Kyle Kinane