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Weeknights at 11/10
Joel McHale stars in "The Happytime Murders," which sound way more pleasant than regular murders.
Joel McHale
Kate Mara comes from a football dynasty family, which basically makes her U.S. royalty. Her new show "Pose" airs Sundays at 9pm on FX.
Kate Mara
Alice Wetterlund is both a hilarious stand-up comic and can be seen on TBS' "People of Earth." She's a real triple-theat: she acts, she tells jokes, and she can dance!* *[NOTE: FIND OUT IF SHE CAN DANCE BEFORE POSTING]
Alice Wetterlund
Senator Bernie Sanders has a new book entitled Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In. If ever there was a time for a book that looks hopefully to the future, this is it.
Senator Bernie Sanders
Pete Holmes is one of our favorite guests - and not just because we're suckers for Boston-born comedians who are at least 6'4.
Pete Holmes
Shovels & Rope is both an awesome alt-folk duo but also important items for any camping trip. Their album, Little Seeds, is out now.
Shovels & Rope
We're so excited that Nick Offerman and his mustache are here. Their new film "Hearts Beat Loud" is in theaters June 8th.
Nick Offerman
On "Son of Zorn," Johnny Pemberton plays the estranged son of an animated Hanna Barbera style warrior named Zorn. We've always wondered how nurturing He-Man would be in real life and now we know.
Johnny Pemberton
Hard rockers DOROTHY have a new album entitled ROCKISDEAD. We don't know about you, but our caps lock is EXHAUSTED.
Simon Helberg is known for three things: starring in "The Big Bang Theory", his Nicolas Cage impression, & his award-winning BBQ sauce. We might only have time for the first two, though.
Simon Helberg
In his movies, Jai Courtney has fought a Terminator, Russian gangsters, and even Batman. In "Man Down," he faces perhaps his most fearsome opponent yet...Shia LaBeouf.
Jai Courtney
Sebastian Maniscalco's new memoir is entitled Stay Hungry, which is something we can definitely do.
Sebastian Maniscalco