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Weeknights at 11/10
Ozzy Osbourne tours the world with his son Jack on "Ozzy & Jack's World Detour." Pity the poor good samaritan who Ozzy stops to ask directions.
Ozzy & Jack Osbourne
British TV station Channel 4 ranked Dylan Moran as the 14th Greatest Comedy Stand-up, while Le Monde declared he was "the greatest comedian, living or dead." Boy, the British and the French can't agree on ANYTHING.
Dylan Moran
Chris Pratt stars in "Passengers." We'd say more but we're too busy writing Chris Pratt's name over and over in our journal and doodling hearts all over it.
Chris Pratt
If Papa John's hasn't signed on as a sponsor to the very funny Tom Papa, it just feels like they missed a major branding opportunity.
Tom Papa
The Naked and Famous are born and raised New Zealanders, which means at some point, they were probably extras in "The Lord of the Rings." Their album is Simple Forms.
The Naked And Famous
We haven’t yet seen Keegan-Michael Key in Steve Martin’s Broadway play "Meteor Shower," but we know that anything involving Steve and Keegan is guaranteed to be good.
Keegan-Michael Key
The cast of the very funny alien abduction comedy "People of Earth" -- including Ana Gasteyer, Ken Hall, Alice Wetterlund, Luka Jones, Bjorn Gustafsson, Michael Cassidy, Oscar Nunez, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Nancy Lenehan, and Brian Huskey -- are here. It's practically a whole galaxy of stars!
The Cast Of "People Of Earth"
We were so excited to see Diego Luna at #ConanMexico - and not just because he brought a bottle of Mezcal. His new movie "Flatliners" opens in theaters on September 29th.
Diego Luna
In honor of our friend Billy Eichner we're going to scream out things we hold to be true: MADELINE KAHN DESERVED AN OSCAR!! LEGGINGS AREN'T PANTS!! "BEACHES" IS JUST AN OKAY MOVIE!!
Billy Eichner
The Pretenders are back with their new album Alone. We're going to be very calm and collected when OMG THE PRETENDERS ARE HERE! THE PRETENDERS ARE HERE! THE PRETENDERS ARE HERE! THE PRETENDERS ARE HEREEEEEEEEEE!!!