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Edward Norton is the writer, director, and star of "Motherless Brooklyn," in theaters November 1.

Episode #1305 Originally Broadcast (10/28/19)

Edward Norton
Alan Tudyk is a terrific voice actor you may know from “Frozen,” “Ice Age,” & “Moana.” His latest role is a droid named K-2SO in a small indie movie entitled “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”
Alan Tudyk
The Revivalists are an awesome indie jam band founded in New Orleans, which explains why Andy keeps flashing his chest at them. Their album is Men Amongst Mountains.
The Revivalists
Megan Mullally stars in "Will & Grace," returning to NBC for its final season on October 24.
Megan Mullally
Before he bought the Los Angeles Clippers, Steve Ballmer was the CEO of Microsoft. Does that mean that Clippy the Microsoft Word Paper Clip might be the next Clipper mascot?
Steve Ballmer
David Gborie is one of our favorite up-and-coming comedians--he's ghilarious!
David Gborie
"Why Him?" is a romantic comedy starring Bryan Cranston and James Franco. We were totally shipping them before hearing about— wait, this ISN’T a Cranston-Franco rom-com?!
Bryan Cranston & James Franco
Barry Crimmins' new comedy special, "Whatever Threatens You," is premiering on Louis CK's website. We like the idea of seeing great new comedy on the same browser we use to watch corgis knocking over toddlers.
Barry Crimmins
Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is one of our all-time favorite frontmen, right behind Bono and the middle guy from the Blue Man Group. Green Day’s new album is Revolution Radio.
Billie Joe Armstrong
Conan attempts to do as the Berliners do in his latest travel adventure featuring Flula Borg and Andy Richter.
Conan Berlin