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Weeknights at 11/10
There's gonna be two redheads onstage and here's a simple way to tell them apart: One is a Broadway fanatic who can't stop humming show tunes and the other is Jesse Tyler Ferguson from "Modern Family."
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
FUN FACT: Before Nasim Pedrad made us laugh on "SNL," "Scream Queens," and "New Girl," she played a waitress on "Gilmore Girls." We wonder if she’s Team Jess, Team Dean, or Team Logan.
Nasim Pedrad
Sinkane's album is Life & Livin' It. We're really hoping this is some sort of self-help album because we could use some guidance in this area.
The beautiful and talented Malin Akerman stars in "Rampage." It's a little unfair that Malin is both gorgeous AND hilarious. You're ruining it for the rest of us, Malin!
Malin Akerman
Pete Holmes is one of our favorite guests - and not just because we're suckers for Boston-born comedians who are at least 6'4.
Pete Holmes
We like Hippo Campus so much, we're starting a tribute band, Rhino University. Hippo Campus' latest album is Landmark.
Hippo Campus
"Logan" star Sir Patrick Stewart is here, and all we can think about is how to trick him into saying "Make it so!" multiple times.
Sir Patrick Stewart
In Jerrod Carmichael's new comedy special he discusses his top four fears. We’ll tell you ours: zombies, flutes, quinoa, and redheads. "Jerrod Carmichael: 8" premieres on March 11 on HBO.
Jerrod Carmichael
Kurt Braunohler’s new Comedy Central special is "Trust Me." Trust us, it’s hilarious.
Kurt Braunohler
Zachary Levi has starred in "Chuck," "Thor: The Dark World," and now "Tangled: The Series." Things took a bit of a turn there…
Zachary Levi
Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited (PiL) frontman John Lydon's new book, "Mr. Rotten’s Songbook," features every rotten song he’s ever written and is limited to 1,000 rotten copies. RUN, DON’T WALK.
John Lydon
Milky Chance's band members met on the first day of school, became best friends, and formed their band. It’s similar to Conan and Andy's story, only the name of their band is Lactescent Opportunity.
Milky Chance