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Weeknights at 11/10
Dax Shephard and Michael Peña star in "CHIPS," which takes place at the last place we want to be on a Friday afternoon — the freeways of Los Angeles.
Dax Shepard & Michael Peña
Kaitlin Olson stars in "The Mick," a show about an irresponsible aunt who is forced to take care of her wealthy sister’s spoiled kids. That’s quite a task considering we can’t even keep a succulent alive.
Kaitlin Olson
Gary Clark Jr.’s fans include Keith Richards, Alicia Keys, and Beyoncé. Just in case you needed another reason to listen to his new single "Come Together."
Gary Clark Jr.
"Rampage" star Joe Manganiello has been named Sexiest Man on Television by People, Best Summer Body by Men's Health, and Hottest Male Butt in Hollywood by Buzzfeed. We're sensing a theme here.
Joe Manganiello
Judy Greer makes her directorial debut with "A Happening of Monumental Proportions," starring Jennifer Garner, John Cho, Allison Janney, Katie Holmes, and Rob Riggle. You had us at Judy Greer.
Judy Greer
We love Joe Pera because he’s a hilarious comedian but also because he reminds us of a very gentle old man.
Joe Pera
"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star Terry Crews is so muscular that weights lift him to stay in shape.
Terry Crews
In "Review," Andy Daly’s character rates real-life experiences like going to prom, eating 30 pancakes, and happiness. We’ve tried all of above and would rate them respectively as 1 star, 4 stars, and elusive.
Andy Daly
Strand of Oaks' new album is Hard Love. We listened to it and the song we most identify with is definitely, "Cry."
Strand of Oaks
Wanda Sykes is the executive producer of "Talk Show the Game Show" a talk show-inspired game show where guests win points for bragging and namedropping. We have a feeling our close personal friend Conan would be an excellent contestant.
Wanda Sykes
Mr. T is a contestant on this season of "Dancing With The Stars." We’re super excited to see him cha cha, samba, and mambo.
Mr. T
We just listened to Dead Man Winter’s new album, Furnace, and we’ve never felt more alive.
Dead Man Winter