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We typically love making fun of "Silicon Valley" star Kumail Nanjiani, but he and his wife Emily V. Gordon, received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay for their film "The Big Sick," so instead we'll just say "CONGRATS."
Kumail Nanjiani
Adam Schiff represents the 28th District of California in the House of Representatives which includes the city of Burbank. We can’t wait to get his thoughts on the brand-new IKEA.
Representative Adam Schiff
Real Estate is an indie rock band that started as a Weezer cover band. We’ll be asking them to present their fan club membership cards when they arrive. Their album is In Mind.
Real Estate
Hank Azaria voices Apu, Moe, & Chief Wiggum among many, many others on "The Simpsons." We think he deserves the cartoon equivalent of a Congressional Medal Of Honor. Or maybe the actual Medal of Honor.
Hank Azaria
Most people go to Hawaii on their honeymoon, Moshe Kasher and Natasha Leggero went on a comedy tour. "The Honeymoon Special" is streaming on Netflix now.
Moshe Kasher
Vir Das stars in "Whiskey Cavalier," which airs Wednesdays on ABC. His latest Netflix special, "Losing It," is available to stream now.
Vir Das
Dennis Quaid stars in the Amazon series "Fortitude," which is a quality we’ve been told we lack.
Dennis Quaid
The lovely Morena Baccarin stars in "Gotham." We still kinda hope that, in a stunning twist, she turns out to be Queen of the Space Lizards, just for old time's sake.
Morena Baccarin
In addition to being a great musician, Nikki Lane owns a vintage clothing store called High Class Hillbilly, which just so happens to be the name of our personal brand. Her album is Highway Queen.
Nikki Lane
Patton Oswalt is an Emmy Award-winning comedian and actor. His show, "Happy," airs Wednesdays at 10pm on SYFY.
Patton Oswalt
"Bates Motel" and "The Good Doctor" star Freddie Highmore graduated from Cambridge's Emmanuel College with a double first in Arabic and Spanish. That’s British for "way smarter than we’ll ever be."
Freddie Highmore
The Boston-formed Pixies' new album is Head Carrier. We’re curious how one would pronounce that in a Boston accent...