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Weeknights at 11/10
Bill Burr is the funniest redhead from Boston that we know. Well actually, the SECOND funniest, if we want to keep our jobs.
Bill Burr
Lea DeLaria returns as fan favorite Big Boo in "Orange Is The New Black." She's the convicted felon who's stolen America's heart!
Lea DeLaria
Melissa Etheridge puts the ME in MEmphis Rock and Soul. Literally, those are her initials.
Melissa Etheridge
Jamie Dornan and Conan have a lot in common. For example, they’re both Irish sex symbols who got their start in the biz as Calvin Klein models.
Jamie Dornan
Blake Anderson is super committed to his role as a telemarketer on "Workaholics." Seriously, we can’t get him to stop spamming us.
Blake Anderson
Orny Adams starred in "Teen Wolf," which is a show we know absolutely nothing about. We’re definitely NOT writing fanfic in our free time at work or lurking in the fan forums.
Orny Adams
Here’s what everyone should do. First, watch David Oyelowo in "Selma." Next, watch David Oyelowo in "A United Kingdom." Then, watch David Oyelowo in "Gringo." Last, be amazed by how freaking talented David Oyelowo is.
David Oyelowo
Louie Anderson won an Emmy for his role as Zach Galifianakis' mother in "Baskets." If you're still reading this, we recommend that you stop and go watch it immediately.
Louie Anderson
Angel Olsen’s album is entitled My Woman, which is also the name Conan uses when talking to Siri. He really identified with the movie, "Her."
Angel Olsen
We were so excited to see Diego Luna at #ConanMexico - and not just because he brought a bottle of Mezcal. His new movie "Flatliners" opens in theaters on September 29th.
Diego Luna
Now that we have Vicente Fox on the CONAN couch, maybe he’ll tell us how he really feels about President Trump.
Vicente Fox